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“Tough urban blues with lyrics to match delivered in a style that’s as sharp as James Brown’s footwork and as solid as Alcatraz… reminiscent of those Stax-era Albert King and Little Milton songs with Booker T on keyboards.”
John Clarke, The Independent (UK)

“Here we are, this is what we sound like, and we’re The Motives”
Matt Taylor, Blues Matters Magazine
(UK, click for interview)

“We’re not trying to copy any particular style. I just try to come up with blues songs which don’t sound like all the other blues songs in the world.”
Matt Taylor, Classic Rock presents The Blues Magazine
(UK, click for interview)

“It’s time for the blues boys and girls to sit up and take notice. The men are back”
4 stars (out of 5)

R2 – Rock’n’Reel Magazine (UK, click for scan)

“…a rock-steady band nail the grooves and Taylor’s timely flourishes provide a serious injection of blues gold. This confident, decade-spanning rhythm’n’blues is swimming in vibe”
Guitar & Bass Magazine (UK, click for scan)

“…a strong contender for this reviewer’s CD of the year… if you only buy one cd this month or year, check this one out. It has everything going for it”
Blues Matters Magazine (UK, click for scan)

“crafted songs, which time and again choose a different path than even the most demanding listener expects. Guitarist Matt Taylor excels and has a fierce approach to his playing… If you like listening to sharp, extremely high standard and damn soulful bluesrock, you’ve come to the right place”
Jazzism Magazine (Netherlands, click for scan)

“A Boost For British Blues… we hear blues in the best Chicago tradition, but also British beat: it provides a nice varied mix of both worlds. The Motives prove that they belong at the top of British blues”
Heaven Magazine (Netherlands, click for scan)

“Frontman Matt Taylor deftly navigates around all the blues clichés. In short: a fresh approach to the genre”
Block Magazine (Netherlands, click for scan)

“…a fine Blues Rock album with great hammond organ sounds and straight drum and bass…expressive clean licks to fat lead lines a la Gary Moore…high class workmanship with style”
Gitarre & Bass Magazine (Germany, click for scan)

“Matt Taylor is most certainly an original and inventive player. A man for all seasons… there’s some fantastic piano and organ on this album from Mr Dyke, who’s up there as one of the best there is from the UK”
Blues & Soul Magazine (UK, click for full review)

“The four Britons serve up the full vintage spectrum of diverse bluesy sounds from 1940 to 1960. Behind this tremendous virtuoso musicality the great songs really convey the vibe of the time… You should definitely give this Silberling (CD) a thorough play, it’s worth it!”
Bluesnews Magazine (Germany, click for scan)

“a veritable banquet of R’n’B… this is a classy collection”
Blues in Britain Magazine (UK, click for scan)

“I’ve got a lot of time for Matt Taylor… a man to watch”
Paul Jones, BBC Radio 2

“Front man Matt Taylor has a soulful voice perfect for the blues and plays sensational lead guitar throughout, along with his top band they have produced a debut album that drips with style and quality”
Classic Rock Society magazine (UK, click for scan)

“…timeless blues, infectious grooves and interesting sounds from the guitar/organ interplay”
Good Times Magazine (Germany, click for scan)

“With this album Matt Taylor and his Motives deliver a fine debut, the variety of styles make great listening. Besides Taylor’s fine vocals and guitar playing is the excellent keyboard playing of Jonny Dyke prominently in the game. In short… a topper!” (Netherlands, click for full review)

“The Motives is a super group to the old format. That is to say that there are all of them (super) stars are part of a newly formed bond. The CD runs like the proverbial train and remains exciting from beginning to end. The drive of most of the dozen compositions is high”
8 (Netherlands, click for full review)

“The Motives succeed in varying their songs so much, making sure that there is always excitement to hold the attention of the listener and that boredom never gets the chance to strike. We find this a (very) good, surprising CD”
Back to the Roots Magazine (Belgium, click for scan)

“Very few albums in British blues have been as hotly anticipated over the last few years as the debut release of the Motives with Matt Taylor. It’s for good reason that people have been on the edge of their seats waiting for this as four of the UK’s top blues musicians have joined forces in a supergroup, and, should the numbers stack up the way they could, this shall be spectacular…”
Ian McHugh, Blues is the Truth, UK Jazz (click for full review)

“If Robert Cray was a Londoner he might sound a little like this”
Pete Sargeant,

“…a sparkling ‘in your face melange’ of R’n’B and Blues Rock, spiced up with Swing and Funk…. intoxicating istrumental know how”
Rocks Magazine (Germany, scan not yet available)

“The greatest compliment that can be paid to this debut is that it is not suffocated by great expectations or the musical focus of its forefathers, but shows how versatile, fast-paced and heartwarming blues can be nowadays”
Noisy Neighbours Fanzine (Germany, click for scan)

“…these guys rock and roll…” 5 stars (out of 6)
inMusic Magazine (Germany, click for scan)

“…typically British Blues rooted in the 60s. Handmade for friends of Clapton & Co, a must have!”
Jazz Podium Magazine (Germany, click for scan)

“…this comes from the heart…Taylor sounds like Clapton in the old days…after an hour you will lean back sweaty and satisfied, knowing how good Blues Rock can sound these days.”
Toaster Magazine (Germany, click for scan)

“… Typical 60s Brit-blues with style and class and 70s funky R’n’B, U.S. style with Hendrix parallels … plenty of excellent, one or two properly brilliant guitar solos … great stuff”
Glitterhouse Magazine (Germany, scan not available)

“…fresh, vital and good songs”
Oldie Markt (Germany, click for scan)

“The Motives let the Blues boom of the late 60s revive…simple but awesome”
DAPD Press Agency News (Germany, no scan available)

“…this new British Blues project could fill the gap left by Gary Moore…a refreshing debut…”
Landeszeitung Lüneburg (Germany, click for scan)

“…Taylor defines the sound with his guitar soloing but also the lovely hammond organ of Jonny Dyke makes the record a highlight. The four top musicians are playful but not narcisstic…”
Mittel Bayerisch Zeitung (Germany, click for scan)

“a paradise for fans of rhythm’n’blues and blues rock… the blend of individuality and team spirit is what makes this album truly remarkable” (Germany, click for full review)

“With this album The Motives feat. Matt Taylor are in the top tier of British Blues. And certainly it’s one of the debuts of 2012” (Germany, click for full review)

“…with their debut album The Motives feat. Matt Taylor have delivered a really great disc… completely convincing… a big recommendation” (Germany, click for full review)

“Matt Taylor’s vocals sound in part like a motivated Eric Clapton” (Germany, click for full review)

“Exceptional songs… an exceptional album” (Germany, click for full review)

“for those who like really good Blues… superior stuff for music-lovers”
Hi-Fi Stars Magazine (Germany, click for scan)

“…relaxed and smooth, right for a car ride in the sun or the glass of wine in the evening”
HTM Magazine (Germany, click for scan)

“…mixes forties to seventies-Chicago rhythm and blues with the attitude of the British blues bands of the sixties… if you like this style of music you’re in for a treat”
Dynamite Magazine (Germany, click for scan)

“The agreement between the two soloists is a driving force… in short, the music level is rather remarkable… Exchanges made between Taylor and Dyke are worthy of those seen in the pair Carlos Santana / Greg Rolie.” (Belgium, Click for full review)

“The experience of these old hands in the British blues world is dripping from the tracks on this album and will therefore please many fans of this genre” (Belgium, click for full review)

“There is no doubt that The Motives have the potential to become a supergroup. Not only owing to the musicians but also the songs” (Netherlands, click for full review)

” A debut, but certainly not by beginners…” (4 out of 5) (Netherlands, click for full review)

“After listening a few times this album has turned me on more and more!” (Netherlands, click for full review)

“Together with a whooping organ and beautiful hot guitar solos you get a mix that you hardly can find ugly. All in all this is just a very pleasant album to listen to. Knowledgeable and unpretentiously played and sung” (Netherlands, click for full review)

“The Motives featuring Matt Taylor is a great sounding, modern record. Each musician is a master of his instrument… we must see them live as soon as possible” (Poland, click for full review)

“A must for the collection and a band destined to go far”
Blues, Roots and Shoots (UK, click for full review) 

“It’s an album that just oozes quality, with some beautifully played music combined with some truly moving songwriting… it’s albums like this that broaden our musical horizons” (UK, click for full review)

“very classy…a most assured and recommended debut from this stellar addition to the British blues scene” (UK, click for full review)

“On first listen to this album the most striking feature is the very high quality of the songwriting both lyrically and musically…. This album is one of the best I have heard this year and was well worth the wait”.
Fanzeyeview (UK, click for full review)

“[the track] Gone Before is a masterpiece… the new Motives album is superb… if I’d heard Nature’s Cruel Design before Leap of Faith I’d have nominated that – what a song! What an album!”
Gary Grainger, The Blues Show, Bishop FM (UK)

“Look out British Blues Awards 2013, here they come… WHAT A CRACKING ALBUM!”
Kevin Beale, Blues on the Marsh (UK)

“…[the album] will be getting a lot more airplay, great CD, just love it”
Tony Fitton, Blues in the Nite, Phoenix FM (UK) 

“The Motives featuring Matt Taylor is a very cool album indeed. The clever thing about this band is they include influences from the 50s and, especially, the 60s, yet at the same time, sound modern and original. They sound like no-one else out there right now… it’s a CD I would recommend to anyone.”
Dave Watkins, Blues Train, Frome FM (UK) 

“I expected a class recording what with who the band is made up from, four of the best in their field in the country without a shadow of doubt, not disappointed at all, 12 class tracks mostly written by Matt Taylor are of the highest standard… A great CD from a great band who can do it live, see them live and buy a CD – 10/10”.
Barry Middleton, legendary former promoter of The Running Horse, Nottingham and chairman of the British Blues Awards (UK)

Click here for an interview with Matt and Roy on the Greek website
Click here for an interview with Matt in Dutch newspaper Hoogeveensche Courant
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for the full feature on The Motives in Blues in Britain magazine, April 2012.
Click here for a review of The Motives debut gig at Liverpool Marina, Aug 2011 on Blues in the and also featured in Blues in Britain magazine.
Click here for a Q & A with Matt in the Liverpool Echo.

on Matt Taylor and earlier albums…

“Fine guitar sparring between Snowy White and Matt Taylor ensure the album’s appeal to lovers of British blues” 
R2 Magazine (Rock’n’Reel – on Snowy White Blues Project’s  In Our Time… Live)

“In Our Time… Live is an excellent live album that we wholeheartedly recommend.” 

“I was lucky to get Matt Taylor in the band [Snowy White Blues Project], he’s got a great voice and is a great guitarist.”
Snowy White 

“Possibly the best guitarist I’ve ever stood on a stage with – Matt Taylor”
Long John Baldry 

“The British blues movement is thriving… the seven self-penned tracks here suggest that Matt Taylor should be at the forefront… outstanding” 
Martin Townsend, Sunday Express (on No Trouble At All)

“all the hallmarks of a band at its creative best with each member feeding off the other trading licks and crafting some unforgettable songs! (on No Trouble At All

“The Matt Taylor Band retains their own very clear identity. It’s a rare achievement and given the appealing nature of that identity – at once unflashy and sophisticated – a noble one”. 
Jonathan Blackstaffe, Blues In Britain (on No Trouble At All)

“No Trouble At All by Matt Taylor Band is a real gem – a beautifully crafted album that straddles and blurs genre but keeps one eye firmly on contemporary blues” 

“[No Trouble At All is] pretty often startlingly original, thumbs up from us” 
Pete Sargeant, 

“the audience reaction showed that excellent musicianship is always popular, whatever its genre… an excellent show and a great evening” 
Blues in Britain (review of The Matt Taylor Band) 

“the whole house was singing along. A pleasure!” 
Blues Matters (review of The Matt Taylor Band)

“For some blues with a difference, go for this one, you won’t be sorry.” 
Alan Pearce, Blues Matters 

“[Matt Taylor] is the shooting star of the European Blues-Rock scene… he is the legitimate successor of Eric Clapton.” 
Schweriner Tageszeitung (Germany) 

“Matt Taylor is a guitar-virtuoso par excellence. He is an exciting discovery in the blues scene.” 
Nürnberger News (Germany)